heavy water safety and rescue program

Heavy Water Safety and Rescue Training Program

Suited to all big wave water-men and woman who are keen to up-skill in heavy water.

The trainin is run by Shark Eyes founder and big wave surfer Shanan Worrall and Freedive waterman Joe Knight from One Ocean International.

The course is designed to bring together the big wave surfing community, to encourage a culture of looking out people in the water and being equiped to deal with a situation when everything goes wrong. 

Teaching safe practice in heavy water, including Personal Water Craft (PWC) setup and rescue skills.

This includes, but not limited to:

  • Introduction to apnea (breath hold) specific to heavy water conditions and the associated training principals
  • Basic first aid, trauma and deadly bleeds, delivered by Dr. Dennis Millard from the Surfing Doctors
  • PWC set up for heavy water use Heavy Water essential equipment Rescue techniques for both paddle and tow-in surfing


Shanan Worrall (WSL Big Wave Award Winner)

Joe Knight (Founder One Ocean International)

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