Tow Surf Hawaii - The go to tow-in surfing partner when you get to Hawaii

Tow Surf Hawaii

Your Go-To tow partner when you get to Hawaii

Matt (Captain Octopus) from is the go-to when it comes to finding an experienced tow-in surf driver or team in Hawaii. From pro surfers towing into quadruple overhead outer reefs to training in the smaller waves and getting ready for the bigger days... in his own words "Big or small we do it all".

From finding the best surfing spots, Matt from Tow Surf Hawaii has the expertise to make sure that you're pushed to your limites in a safe and enjoyable way.

​Having spent his life on the sea around Hawaii he can sahre intimate knowledge of the region and make sure your skill level is matched with the surf and situation.

Not only is he an expert navigator and certified ocean captain, but also a great teacher and guide, also an XPT apnea and breath instructor

Garunteed an unforgettable experience, and a true ambassador of the ocean, with a gift for sharing the beauty, wonder, and excitement of this incredible natural resource with others.

For more information or to book in your session visit:

Tow Surfing in Hawaii

Tow in surf driver in Hawaii

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